Life You Love Emily

Books always make the best gifts, to give or get. These are a few of our family favorites from this last year.

The Four Winds was my favorite book of 2021. For me it really put into perspective what we feel our modern day sacrifices or troubles are. I only wish my grandmother who lived during the depression was still with us, it would be so great to hear her perspective.

Sunshine Girl & Green Lights are both moving autobiographies. Collecting stories of lives well lived always makes me happy. These books are full of comical stories and obstacles overcome.

Elin Hilderbrand is hands down my favorite beach read author. Her books set on Nantucket are quick, fun reads, especially if you are in a lounge chair, can hear the waves of the water and are sipping a fruity drink.

The Last Thing He Told Me is my mystery pick of the last year. I could not put this book down. It was fast paced, tons of twists and turns and makes you think about the sacrifices we make for family.

Kids books. My son William (3rd grade) loved reading the Magic on the Map series. It involves a magic camper and travels to different states. Full of humor, mystery and a little US history. I even enjoyed listening to them.

Caroline (2nd grade) and I have been reading the Where the Sidewalk Ends. Takes me back to my own childhood, when, Sick, was my favorite poem. This is a classic we enjoy reading together every night and always makes a great gift.

Cookbooks- I love to cook but never have enough time to plan elaborate meals. A girlfriend introduced me to the Half Baked cookbooks. Incredible recipes, that are easy, taste great and are wow worthy for guests.

My kiddos love to help in the kitchen. The Kids Baking Book is our second Food Network cookbook and we always have fun challenging our baking skills and then William & Caroline think they are Duff and Valerie (from Kids Baking Championship) and judge our creation.

Would love to hear your family favorite books of this past year, send me a comment. Happy Reading, Emily